What a Successful Tablet PC Need to Have

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In the past, we buy the computer hardware configuration is of most importance, and now is the application of our most valued experience. It is stick to this route, Apple can achieve success today. Although the new product in current CES Tablet PC is popular, but who is behind the real winner?

1.Standing life. We know, iPad can literally use in 10 hours, and in our recent evaluation of a variety of tablets, but very few can be used for 5 hours. The higher configuration is, life is often shorter. Therefore I believe that only those who life is more than 8 hours is eligible to challenge the iPad.

2. application store.This is an important reason for the success iPad is Apple's core competence lies. Make money by selling hardware, the time has passed, and Apple's App Store will not only get rich by virtue of income, its greater significance lies in creating a new chapter in the software industry. If a Tablet PC can not be sustained access to a large number of useful and interesting applications, then it is difficult to lure users from the iPad side.

In addition, there are critical Tablet PC portable (including power adapter), heat dissipation and noise control and other factors, you always want a day carrying a "brick" walk around it, can not tolerate hot The back of the fuselage or the whirring of the fan noise it. While these brands of products in the field is rare, but we do see in products in some of these copied unsatisfactory design.

After the above conditions are met, we should discuss this article summed up these standards, we

will summarize them as follows:10-inch and 7 inch screen is a balance between portability and

viewing comfort of the gold size;Proprietary systems vendors who do not, most will choose Android system will take into account a small number of Windows system;From a global perspective, 3G + WiFi will be a combination of standard Tablet PC;Most SSD solid state drive plate will be configuration, the mainstream in 2011 for the 32GB capacity;Vendors selling model line average price of 3,500 yuan, not higher prices with more than 5,000 yuan model.

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What a Successful Tablet PC Need to Have

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This article was published on 2011/04/28